Insurance is need, not luxury. You need insurance...


Customer Delight
The positive emotional response and joy that the customer feels from interaction with our people and our products and services.

Cooperation (Teamwork)
--among individuals, departments, divisions, branches, and so on

--in adherence to company policy, rules, systems, procedures, schedules, standards, ethics, and so on

--in terms of forms, files, procedures, reports, performance evaluations, equipment, training, recruitment, orientations, communications, and so on

--in sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, research, production, engineering, estimating, recruitment, training, promotions, communications, coordination, reporting, and so on

Continuous Improvement
The desire and ability of the company to develop and incorporate ways to improve itself.

--in solving problems, planning, executing plans, in terms of speed and commitment to decisions once made

--to and from suppliers, customers, and employees

Respect for the Individual
--in establishing rules and policies, design of systems, making decisions, executing instructions, and so on in terms of people's health, safety, self-esteem, feelings, and opinions

Service to Society
Community welfare, environmental protection, development of products and services that meet real physical, social, or psychological needs.

(A Will to ) Succeed
--in any aspect of work