Are you ready

Insurance is need, not luxury. You need insurance...

Are you prepared for a health emergency in your family?

What if, tomorrow ... your employer face losses & withdraw health cover provided to you as perks?

What if, tomorrow ... any national scheme which you depend upon for treatment of your loved one ... goes off or withdrawn due to lack of funds/losses?

Lets start off by saying that we wish you and your loved ones the best of health. But, we are not sure if most Indian families are ready if, heaven forbid, a medical emergency were to occur in their family. What do we mean by being on...

  • Do you know where your health insurance documents are?
  • Do you know the contact number of your TPA? Do you know what a TPA's role is?
  • Do you have an emergency procedures list for the following:
    • What to do and who to call
    • What mode of transport you will use
    • Shortest route from your home to your doctor/hospital
    • Nearest chemist, and nearest 24hour chemist
    • A list of medication that you and your family members are allergic to

The above probably highlights the point that we are trying to make. Here is what we strongly suggest you do to be prepared for any major or minor emergency.

Health Information

You must be ready with all the medical history and documentation related to each member of the family.

  • Keep all your documents in a central location that is easily accessible (prescriptions, x-rays, blood reports etc.)
  • Keep your history of what medication you have been on in the past
  • Be ready with your health insurance and medical coverage documentation, list of cashless hospitals and the details of the third party administrator (TPA) of the insurance company

Contact Information

Your mind is going to be too pre-occupied with dealing with the emergency, so the last thing you want to do is to spend time looking for contact details for relevant parties.

  • Location and contact details of two hospitals nearest to you
  • Contact details of two ambulance services
  • Location and contact details of family doctor or nearest doctor
  • Location and contact details of nearest chemist and 24-hour chemist
  • Contact details of different family members, especially if they are traveling


We have all heard about how things might have turned out differently if one had only reacted quickly. Have an emergency action plan, like a contingency plan, with pre-designated responsibilities

  • Ready access at home to critical medicines and medical devices especially in the case where family members are already suffering from specific conditions such as heart problems, asthma etc.
  • Know where your car keys are and ensure that your car has enough fuel, especially overnight
  • Familiarize yourself with the closest route to your doctor/hospital
  • Designate a family member/neighbour to be the driver

Remember, if you are better planned, you are going to be better prepared to handle whatever life throws at you. So all the best and we wish you and your families good health!

Are you ready