Insurance is need, not luxury. You need insurance...

So what kind of coverage I am eligible for ?

You can buy health insurance coverage both as an individual as well as for the family. It can also be bought by companies for their employees as a “group”. As mentioned above, here we will be concentrating only on health coverage for individuals and families.

Usually, health insurance coverage is available to individuals above the age of 3 months to a maximum age of 65 years. You can choose to cover your family in one floater policy or through multiple individual policies depending on your needs and the costs involved.

While deciding on your coverage, you may come across a term called “rider”.A rider  is a certain add on which gives you additional benefits. You will have to pay for the rider but usually the incremental costs are minimal. You cannot purchase a rider without first having a health insurance policy. Some of the riders commonly available with health insurance policies are :

a) Accidental Death Benefit

In case of death of the policy holder due to an accident within the policy period, the nominee (mentioned in the policy) is compensated with the sum that the policyholder was insured for.

b) Permanent and Total Disability Cover

This rider insures against the permanent and total loss of limbs or sight due to an accident. This compensation  is given as a lump sum benefit. It is payable only if the disablement results in inability of the policy holder to be gainfully employed.

c) E Opinion Rider

This rider covers the expenses of second opinion via e-consultation services for a patient based in India suffering from a serious illness. The policy holder can seek a second opinion from a doctor within network hospitals across the world. Qualified physicians from this network must give a written report which includes a diagnosis and treatment plan within 7 working days.

d)  Children's education allowance

A specific allowance is paid for payment of tuition fees and related costs so that your children's education is not affected during the period that you are indisposed.

(Please note that these riders may be insurer or plan specific and may not be available with all policies.)