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Your Family Your Responsibility

Love You All My Family

When monsters lurked beneath my bed,
And scary dreams ran through my head,
When thunder growled those sounds I dread,
There you were,
My father.

When scuffed up knees made me cry,
Soft hankies wiped my sad eyes dry,
Coaxing me each time I tried,
You were always there,
My mother.

Who held my hand when I was scared?
Ate candy that he should have shared,
The things I did because you dared,
My brother.

In times of trouble, times of need,
I feel such strength surrounding me,
Without whose love I can't succeed,
I love you all my family


You love your family more than any one else in this world.

You can not guard them against pain they have to suffer.

But, you can console their sorrows with your love.

Health realted emergencies are uncertain...

Be ready to face any such event in life...

What if, tomorrow ... your employer face losses & withdraw health cover provided to you as perks?

What if, tomorrow ... any national scheme which you depend upon for treatment of your loved one ... goes off or withdrawn due to lack of funds/losses?


Take your PERSONAL FAMILY HEALTH COVER, and safe guard yourself against any such financial emergency...

No one want to visit hospital, but when its time no one wants to compromise of quality of treatment for their loved ones, you gave your family a good life style, they also deserve best treatments too..

your self-owned family health cover is your best weapon against health realted financial emergencies which if needed and used would guard you to a great extent.