for Accidental Loss

Insurance is need, not luxury. You need insurance...

Accident come uninvited and they can unsettle your life and those of your loved ones. A little planning in this regard goes a long way. Presenting Accident Care Insurance from Star Health And Allied Insurance - a policy that offers a protection to you and your loved ones in case you meet with an accident. Because no matter what, life must go on.

Q1. What Is An Accident Policy?

A. Accident policy is an insurance cover that provides the lump sum amount to the nominees in the case of your unfortunate accidental death. This insurance cover also provides you protection against Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) on account of an accident

Q2. What is Permanent Total Disablement?

A. It provides policyholders with the compensation if he/she gets bodily injured caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means resulting in Permanent Total Disablement resulting from an accident.

Q3. What Are The Major Benefits Of An Accident Policy?

A. With this policy, you can protect your loved ones with Personal Accident Insurance against accidental injuries. It providers different benefits to you and your family members for Broken Bones, Permanent Disability, Accidental Death, Burns due to an accident. This policy also offers Ambulance cost and hospital cash benefits to the policyholders.

Accident Care Benefits
Accidental death
Permanent disability total or partial following an accident
Temporary total disablement the Insured Person is eligible for a weekly benefit at 1% of Capital Sum Insured (following an accident) subject to maximum of Rs.5000/- per week for a 100 weeks
Free Benefits
Educational grant to children at Rs.5000/- per child and Rs.10, 000/- for 2 children (maximum 2children)
Transportation expenses of the mortal remains of the insured up to a maximum of Rs.3000/-
Travel expenses of one relative up to a maximum of Rs.1000/- to the place of accident
Cumulative Bonus
Cumulative Bonus of 5% of the sum insured continuously renewed accrues to the Insured Person for every claim free year, subject to a maximum of 50%
Medical Expense Extension
Policy can be extended to cover Medical Expenses on payment of Additional Premium
Risk Groups
Risk Group I Persons engaged primarily in administrative functions
Risk Group II Persons engaged in manual work other than what is specifically provided for under Group III
Risk Group III Persons working in explosives industry, mines workers, high tension electric supply, horse racing including jockeys, athletes and occupations of similar hazards

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When purachsaing any mediclaim or health insurance plan always look for following things:

1) Cashless hospital network in your locality (more the hospital the better it is).

2) Quality of hospitals covered under cashless network.

3) Exclusions of your health insurance plan.

4) Are there any cappings in your policy.

5) Who will support you in case you need to file any claim in emergency.

6) Do visit your local hospitals listed in your policy to ensure cashless facility is given.

7) Always take your policy from your local advisor, as they are more sensitive towards you and will be helpfull in case of emergencies as compared to any of the customer care desk executive.


for Accidental Loss