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यह सुविधा 5 माह से 65 वर्ष आयु के लोगों के लिए है जो पहले से स्टेज 1 या स्टेज 2 कैंसर से ग्रसित हैं


Eligibility for Star Cancer Care Gold

Age at Entry: 5 months and 65 years (who have already been diagnosed
with Cancer Stage 1 or Stage 2)

Policy Term: 1 year

Pre-acceptance Medical Check Up: No requirement of pre acceptance Medical Check Up. (Enough to submit previous medical records including latest treatment details with the proposal form)

Sum Insured to select options: Rs. 3 Lakh and Rs. Lakh

Expenses covered under Section 2 and Section 3

  •     Room Rent: Single Standard A/c, Nursing expenses, Boarding
  •     Surgeon, Medical practitioner, Anesthetist, Consultants, Specialist Fees
  •     Anesthesia, Oxygen, Blood, Operation Theatre cost of charges, Medicines and drugs
  •     For Emergency Ambulance charges for transporting the patient (Insured person) to the hospital
  •     up to a sum of Rupees 1500/- per hospitalization and Rupees .2000/- max per policy period
  •     Pre hospitalization: Medical expenses up to 30 days before the the
  •     date of admission for treatment
  •     Post hospitalization: Medical expenses up to 60 days patient after
  •     discharge from the hospital
  •     All types day care treatments

Co Payment of Star Cancer Care Gold Policy

  •     10% co-pay applicable for every claim under Section 2
  •     and 3 for above 60 years applicable for renewal also.
  •     Age is up to 60 years during the policy first inception then no co payment for the treatment

Waiting Periods of Star Cancer Care Gold Policy

    Section 1: 30 months waiting period eligible for treatment after waiting period for claim
    under this section

    Section 2 and Section 3: only 30 days waiting period (Not for accidents)
    24 months waiting period for specified diseases, illness and treatments

    Pre Existing Diseases: 48 months waiting period.

Exclusions of Star Cancer Care Gold (Applicable for Section 2 and Section 3)

  •     Treatment for Cancer and Cancer related ailments.
  •     Circumcision, Frenuloplasty, Preputioplasty, Preputial Dilatation and Removal of
  •     SMEGMA
  •     Inoculation or Vaccination (except for post–bite treatment and for medical treatment
  •     for therapeutic reasons)
  •     Congenital External Condition / Anomalies / Defects
  •     Dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to accidental injuries and
  •     requiring hospitalization. (Dental implants are not payable)
  •     Convalescence, general debility, run-down condition or rest cure, Nutritional
  •     deficiency states.
  •     Psychiatric, mental and behavioral disorders.
  •     Intentional self injury

Tax Benefits Star Cancer Care Gold Policy

Tax benefits: Payment of premium towards star cancer policy eligible for under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961.

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