for Diabitiese Safe

Over one-fifth of those suffering from Diabetes the world over are in India and the number is swelling year by year. If left unattended it can severely affect vital organs like eyes and the kidneys, and therefore it needs urgent attention. Treatment for such complications can often burn a hole in your pocket.Protection against such an eventuality is offered by Star Health's diabetes care plan for those affected by Diabetes Mellitus Type II.
Coverage Offered for Specific Conditions
Eyes: Diabetic Retinopathy requiring laser treatment.
Kidneys: Diabetic Nephropathy leading to chronic renal failure
Feet: Diabetic foot ulcer requiring micro-vascular surgical correction
Who can take this Insurance?
Any person between 26 years and 65 years of age who is diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type II can take this insurance
This limit of 65 years is applicable only for initial entry in to the scheme. Renewals will be accepted up to 70 years
Please note that persons who have already developed complications of Diabetic Retinopathy and/or Diabetic Nephropathy leading to Chronic Renal failure and/or Diabetic foot ulcer are not eligible to take the policy.

Special Features

Hospitalization expenses on donor of kidney for renal transplant surgery are payable subject to availability of sum insured
Post-renal transplant complications on the insured person covered
Second transplant following failure of the first transplant covered

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When purachsaing any mediclaim or health insurance plan always look for following things:

1) Cashless hospital network in your locality (more the hospital the better it is).

2) Quality of hospitals covered under cashless network.

3) Exclusions of your health insurance plan.

4) Are there any cappings in your policy.

5) Who will support you in case you need to file any claim in emergency.

6) Do visit your local hospitals listed in your policy to ensure cashless facility is given.

7) Always take your policy from your local advisor, as they are more sensitive towards you and will be helpfull in case of emergencies as compared to any of the customer care desk executive.

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