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Please contact the toll free help - line - 1800 425 2255
Fax the Pre - Authorization form duly filled from the hospital at the below numbers
Toll - free: 1800 425 5522
Non Toll free - 044 28302200
Cashless Facility is only available at hospitals in our cashless network.
In case of Planned Hospitalisation contact your service provider two days prior to admission.
In case of Emergency Hospitalisation contact your service provider within 24 hours of hospitalisation.

For intimating the claim, please call our 24x7 toll free number 1800 2666 or
or email us at

Please send the relevant documents to : ICICI Lombard Health Care, ICICI Bank tower, Plot No. 12, Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad -500 032
Whenever you register a loss with our claims team, please provide the following information:

  1.     Your contact details
  2.     Name of the Insured
  3.     Policy number
  4.     Date and time of problem
  5.     Nature of problem
  6.     Location of problem

You can register claims on any policy at our Customer Service Centre or any of the offices of Apollo Munich Health by letter/phone/email or in person. For any help or information regarding Claims on our policy,
please call us on: 1800-102-0333
or email us at
CASHLESS : Use your Max Bupa Health Card or share your Policy number and Passport / PAN card / voter’s ID for identification purposes
RE-IMBURSEMENT : In case of hospitalization notify us within 48 hours of your admission in our network or non network hospital. After getting admitted pay directly to the hospital.
Toll Free : 1800-3010-3333
Cashless Claim:
In the event that an insured is hospitalized in a network hospital / nursing home, he / she need not pay the medical expenses (as per coverage) up to the sum insured specified under the policy. This is subject to claim intimation to Chola MS and approval of the request as per terms of the policy. Chola MS will co-ordinate with the hospital / nursing home directly and settle the bills after the insured patient is discharged.

Network Hospitals can fax the form to 044-39910510.
For more information, contact our 24-hour helpline: 1800-425-2200 / 1800-200-5544.

Reimbursement Claim:
In the event that an insured is hospitalized in any hospital / nursing home (within India) as defined in the policy and pays the treatment expenses at the time of discharge, he / she needs to file a claim with Chola MS for the amount due under the policy. Chola MS will process the claim as per the terms of the policy and reimburse the medical expenses covered to the insured if the claim is admissible.

Documents required for processing of the claim in a Health Policy:

  •     Claim form duly filled and signed
  •     Prescription of doctor advising the admission
  •     Discharge card issued by the hospital
  •     Final hospital bill (in original) and payment receipt
  •     Medical investigation reports
  •     Medicine bills with the supporting prescriptions
  •     Invoice / sticker for implants if used in the surgery
  •     Other bills or documents related to the treatment
  •     Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) / FIR in case of road traffic accidents (RTA)
  •     Cancelled Cheque of insured bank account to make the claim payment through NEFT.

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