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Why Us

Insurance is need, not luxury. You need insurance...

In Simple words

You must consider us as your health insurance advisor because we value our service and support more than the discount you could get elsewhere.

and as actions speak louder than words, we suggest you to associate with us once and then feel the peace of mind that you will get when you will get a full fledge support both on professional as well as personal front.

So, we are not making any BIG promises and larger than life commitments just to sell a plan to you, what we are interested in is to have you what you need most suitably fit into your protfolio and budget.

In a bustling health insurance market with more than 35 General Insurance and Life Insurance Companies and more than 70 Health Insurance policies vying for  the customer’s attention, there is a growing need for a health insurance provider who can un-clutter the noise, and provide an unbiased customized health insurance solution.

With an integrated service model which provides Unbiased Health Insurance Advisory, Technology based delivery and Professional Medical Insurance Claims Assistance focused on YOU - the health insurance consumer.
How We Are Different?

We are the only Health Insurance Provider in India, who blends the entire service cycle right from Expert Advisory, Purchase assistance, Medical Insurance Claims assistance and Renewals into one package.

Unbiased Health Insurance Expert Advisory:

Medical Insurance is a contract based policy with legal jargons thrown in. To top this, a Health Insurance policy has medical terminologies. Our expert advisors provide unbiased interpretation and customized analysis of health insurance policies for customers, so that they take an informed buying decision.

Technology based Health Insurance Services:

Our service delivery right from Health Insurance advisory to policy servicing to Medical Insurance claims management to communication are completely powered through its website.

Professional Claims Assistance:

With more than 50 meticulously managed steps, our  Medical Insurance claims assistance service ensures efficient processing of claims and quicker communication with the customer through SMS and Emails.


You must PLAN your health insurance and not just PURCHASE it, if choosen wisely it has proven its worth many times in past as a multi utility financial product, that could work wonders for you when in distress.

Why Us